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Our Graduate Program

Our structured graduate program is based within our Business Advisors & Accountants division. It is designed to help you transition from a student to a professional by providing you with the knowledge, skills and expertise in order to provide excellent service to our valued clients. Our graduate program offers:

Training and Development 

We are committed to developing our people. From your initial induction program and series of internal and external seminars, you will develop your accounting, taxation skills as well as your personal development skills. NKH Knight supports both the CA and CPA program. We recognise that with work and study commitments, achieving a balanced lifestyle can be difficult.  Therefore, we pay CA and CPA fees upfront so you can spend your salary on living life. We provide paid study leave and also offer flexible working arrangements two weeks prior to the exam so you studying during a time which works best for you.

Buddy and Mentoring System

We understand that starting a new job in a professional environment may appear daunting but our buddy system makes the transition seamless. Your buddy will assist you with any questions you have while you’re trying to find your feet. You will also be assigned a mentor who will provide direction and feedback during your graduate year. You will have quarterly feedback meetings so you discuss and monitor your development.

Quality Work

Working in a small team you will be exposed to the full spectrum of accounting techniques for a large range of clients.  At NKH Knight we focus on adding value for our clients through our analytical and strategic consulting. Initially you will be involved in managing our client’s compliance needs and as you learn more and understand our client’s situation you will also assist with analytical and consulting projects.

Working Environment

Our office is based in Subiaco, close to the train station and great restaurants and cafes. We have a fully stocked kitchen where we provide free breakfast and snacks including fruit, nuts and discounted soft drinks. Our staff are very friendly and enjoy spending time together. We have monthly morning tea and have various social events during the year. We focus on work life balance and offer flexible working arrangements so you can balance work and family life. Our Wellness Programme focuses on your health and wellbeing which often involves participating in fun charitable activities including fun runs, triathlons etc.

Social Side

While we work hard we enjoy having fun. We have a Fun Squad who organise various social events for all our staff including end of month drinks,  BBQ’s, Christmas parties, team building activities, family days and end of financial year functions.

Graduate Accountant to Business Advisor

Our graduate program provides you with the foundation to build your career with NKH Knight. Promotions are not based on tenure; they are based on performance, attitude and adherence to our values.

Through our bi-annual performance development reviews we provide guidance on how to progress to the next level in your career. We set objectives for you to achieve as well as training and mentoring in order to progress to become a trusted business advisor and leader. We have developed a 360 degree feedback process as we believe this provides a holistic approach to reviewing performance and cultural fit.

What makes us different?

We believe what makes us different is the meaningful relationships we build with both our clients and our people – this is embedded in our company values. Since our establishment in 1971, we have continued to develop relationships that are strong, personal and stand the test of time.

NKH Knight is one of Western Australia’s largest boutique local firms. We have built our business in this economy and are well positioned to share our expertise with our clients.

Our clients

We work with independently wealthy individuals and small-to-medium businesses both private and listed. We share their passion and believe this is where we can make a difference. We build strong relationships with our clients so we can really understand their needs and their unique situation. We are not just accountants; we are trusted business advisors who provide strategic direction to secure their financial future.

Our people

Our people have an outstanding ‘can do’ attitude, are passionate about what they do and embrace our culture. We expect our staff to focus on making our business and our clients the best they can be through continuous development, creativity, speaking up when they have a good idea and facilitating innovative solutions.

Our people are committed to delivering quality for our clients and work hard to do this. However, they also appreciate the importance of balancing work with personal and family pursuits. Cultural fit and adherence to our company values are just as important to us as technical ability.

Our values

  • Be Passionate Our passion is demonstrated through our focus, energy and commitment to excel. We care about the work we do and the relationships we build.
  • Get Involved We get involved by communicating openly, sharing information, asking questions and providing opinions. We interact respectfully, acknowledge different views and compromise when necessary to get the best outcome.
  • Grow Together We build enduring relationships based on trust. By sharing knowledge and continually improving, we grow together with our stakeholders.
  • Deliver Quality We take pride in our work and consistently invest effort to deliver quality.
  • Achieve Balanced Success We believe in achieving long term success in a sustainable way. We are committed to working hard but also to, having fun and enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

Our Benefits

  • a diverse, family friendly firm
  • high levels of director and client interaction
  • a competitive salary package
  • opportunities to develop your career in the direction you choose
  • a team who believe in having fun, and regularly get together
  • a great office environment in a ‘happening’ part of town
  • large TV to keep up with business news and sports events.
  • upfront payment for Further education  including CA, CPA, Tax Institute, Kaplan
  • paid study leave
  • financial assistance for CA Master Class
  • ability to salary sacrifice for study books, PC’s, laptops, tablets etc
  • wellness program
  • free breakfast daily
  • fully stocked kitchen – fruit, nuts, crackers, biscuits, bread, cheese
  • monthly morning teas
  • Friday evening drinks
  • regular BBQ’s on the balcony
  • end of month drinks
  • end of financial year function
  • Christmas Party

Graduate Testimonials

Name: James Glover
University: University of Western Australia
Course: Bachelor of Commerce: Major in Accounting and Business Law
Year Graduated: 2016

I joined NKH because I believed that I was in line with their values. I believe in being passionate getting involved and have a great work-life balance and NKH has really provided me with all of these.

Everybody is really friendly and you are always welcome and invited to ask questions and to regularly challenge yourself.

As a graduate accountant I mainly specialise in Trust and Individual Tax Returns, aswell as some companies. I am in regular contact with the ATO solving issues for clients and trying to achieve the best outcome for them.

NKH provides regular training updates to keep everyone at the forefront of all new developments to accounting legislation and principals. The Fun Squad provides mid and end of month challenges that encourage people to get involved and as per the name, have fun!


Name: Michael Baumgartel
University: Curtin University
Course: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Business Law)
Year Graduated: 2015


I joined NKH because I felt the firm offered the best aspects of both large and boutique accounting practices. I didn’t want to be an employee who was just a number, but I also wanted to be afforded all the opportunities to progress my career. I could tell simply from the interviewing process that there was a strong culture at NKH and that I would be a good fit for the business.

When I first began the graduate program at NKH, I was handling a lot of basic client work including individual tax returns and liaising with the ATO. As I progressed towards the accountant position I was exposed to more complex compliance work for a wide range of reporting entities. In my current role as an accountant I am given the freedom to meet and liaise with a number of the clients of the business and my workload has become progressively more analytical.

What makes working at NKH so enjoyable is the great people that are employed here and the fantastic culture that has been developed. I would say there is very much an open door policy at NKH, which means directors and senior managers are always available for questions or just for a chat. The best way to learn is by example, and at NKH you are always given an opportunity to develop yourself as both an accountant and a professional.

One of the most valuable aspects of working at NKH is the amount of time and resources the company spends on your training and development. There are periodical tax updates which are very informative and have assisted me greatly in my studies for the CTA and CA programs – which are fully reimbursed. NKH also knows how to reward its staff with monthly staff outings and events which are always good for a laugh.


Name: Marlene Cigler
University: University of Western Australia
Course: B.Com Accounting and Finance
Year Graduated: 2016


I wanted to join NKH because I shared the strong set of values which I believe sets it apart from other accounting firms. Being passionate and delivering quality are a couple of the values which I could appreciate from the very start – not only towards clients but between staff and the work involved. What makes NKH a great place to work at are the people and culture which encourage collaboration, opportunity, inclusion and progression.

I have had the opportunity to work amongst different teams which has allowed me to have experience in a variety of work and to get to know staff at different levels.  NKH knows the importance of building relationships both between staff, and clients. The relationships built with clients goes beyond professional with the effort and care directors maintain; providing an outstanding example for other staff to follow.

Having the structured graduate program, fun social events and a friendly office made for a smooth transition from student life to working full time. I believe I’m very lucky to take part in a well organised graduate program where training and support has allowed me to develop from a basic understanding to becoming increasingly confident in accounting procedures such as preparing financial statements, tax returns, activity statements and company secretarial matters.  From the beginning I’m provided with continuous training and further education support so that I can keep up to date with accounting developments and start post-grad studies such as the Chartered Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountants qualification.

At NKH, it’s not all work. With the staff Fun Squad, everyone has the opportunity to relax and get to know each other outside of the office environment with our monthly birthday celebrations, end of month social events as well as Christmas and EOFY parties.