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2013 and beyond


Over the years, as we have evolved from a small partnership to a boutique company, so too have the different brands within our group. Reflecting on these gives us insight into the journey we have taken to arrive where we are today. They demonstrate how we have effectively changed to adapt to our environment and the needs of our clients.

In 2013 we changed our group name from the NKH Financial Services Group to NKH Knight. This change is the latest step in our journey and reflects that we are no longer an accounting firm or a financial services business but a team of professionals working together and focused on delivering an outstanding, consistent service to our clients.

Unfortunately 2013, would see NKH Capital leave our business. This area of the economy did not play out how we envisioned it when we started NKH Capital in 2011

In mid-2013 we started Overwatch Asset Management as a new service available to our clients. Our research indicated that a number of our clients desired the opportunity to invest in a wider range of investment opportunities. Overwatch was implemented to address this requirement by offering clients access to investment opportunities usually reserved for professional investors.

Despite our many different areas of specialty, we work as a team to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients. Teamwork has been constant theme throughout our entire history.

Our client relationships are strong and stand the test of time. They are based on trust and most importantly, are founded on relationships built on trust. Our services are interconnected, always ensuring our clients are never more than a handshake away from a solution.