2000 – 2010 Floods, freak storms and the GST


2000 started off controversially with the introduction of the GST in July 2000. During this period NKH become a shareholder in Shirlaws Business Advisory. Shirlaws experienced solid growth at this time and was named BRW’s Top 10 Fastest Growing Businesses in Australia.

In 2005 our team went through a significant expansion with the introduction of a new financial planning business; Knight Financial Advisors. We had been providing financial planning services since 1990 but this step meant we could now provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Jason Featherby came on-board to run Knight Financial Advisors.

2006 will always be remembered for the Bowman Street flood. A burst pipe alongside the freeway led to significant flooding of the office and damage to staff and client cars.

In 2008 we saw the establishment of Simplex Self-Managed Superannuation and NKH Corporate as brands within our group. As with the introduction of other business units in the past, our Directors saw this as a good opportunity to create dedicated teams of specialists to better assist our clients. This growth resulted in relocation to our current office in Subiaco.

Our group was now diversified across 4 major areas; Nissen Kestel & Harford, Knight Financial Advisors, Simplex Self-Managed Superannuation and NKH Corporate.

In June 2008 an overarching group brand was established to pull these brands together and give us a single presence in the marketplace. At this point we became the NKH Financial Services Group.

March 2010 was a costly one for many WA residents as a series of storms travelled over South-Western WA on 21 and 22 March. It was the costliest natural disaster in WA history, with the damage bill estimated at $1.08 billion. NKH Financial Services Group was not spared. Our new office in Subiaco was heavily water damaged.

All group brands were refreshed in 2010 with each receiving a subtle new look and feel. The continuous line drawings were created to symbolise the journey that we have shared with our clients and staff. Nissen Kestel & Harford became NKH Business Advisors & Accountants as part of this process.

In 2010 we were joined by new group CEO Simon Howard who replaced former CEO Brett Goodridge; who moved into the role of Chairman. In 2010 we also said goodbye to one of our longest standing Directors, Ross Kestel.

Although Ross had resigned he continued to be one of the company’s shareholders and was regularly seen around our offices.

NKH Capital was established in 2011. Although we had been providing Corporate Services since 1986, NKH Capital allowed us to increase our capabilities in this area. During this same year Doug Verley joined our business to assume the role of Managing Director of NKH Capital.  Moving through 2013 and Beyond…