Our Story - 1980 - 1989

1980 -1989 Surf shops, printers and market crashes


The 80’s were an exciting time for the firm. Personal computers radically transformed from being toys for electronics hobbyists to industry staples. In 1980 Terry and Karl purchased the first ever computer for the firm, which quickly replaced the photocopier/fax machine as the most exciting item in the office.

The business enjoyed further growth, and Ross Kestel joined as a partner. This in turn changed the business name to Cruickshank, Nissen & Kestel.

A few years later in 1984, Terry Cruickshank resigned and Angus Plummer joined the business; which resulted in another name change to Nissen, Kestel & Plummer. It was also the year that Rob Marusco was welcomed to the business.

1985 brought with it a Dot Matrix printer, and a new business venture in the form of a surf shop. Sadly within two years “the surf was up” for this daring side venture. The shop was closed in 1987.

Despite the closure, there were some highlights that year. The Australian economy was shaken up with introductions to both the Capital Gains Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax. This resulted in significant changes to how our clients operated their businesses.

Evolving and remaining innovative, NKH Knight diversified its offerings with a new service line called Corporate Services, which was introduced officially in 1987. Our motivation was to create a better way to deliver our services to listed and unlisted companies.

1987 also brought with it the famous stock market crash. This tumultuous event rocked the financial world, sending the market into decline and pressured brokers into panic selling. Over 5 days this pressurised series of events culminated into the now infamous Black Monday.

The company dedicated much of its time to helping our clients recover lost wealth from this tragic occurrence. We nurtured many of these clients back into sustained, secure growth.

Business continued to flourish, and was moved to a larger office on Stone Street in South Perth.

In 1987 Karel Nissen was also hilariously challenged by his first encounter with the humble mouse. It required the assistance of a junior employee called Steve Gava (now one of our senior Directors) to overcome Karel’s frustration at always guiding the mouse off the edge of desk by informing him that the mouse could be lifted off the desk when being used.

1988 was a milestone year for our business. This was the year that we first started offering Self-Managed Superannuation services to our clients. We noticed that the demand for services of this nature was increasing amongst our client base and therefore wanted to set out a dedicated area within our business to assist clients. Like the earlier introduction of Corporate Services, this was a natural step to achieving our vision of providing our clients with a holistic approach to managing their financial affairs.

In 1988 Simon Headon joined what is now NKH Business Advisors & Accountants and began his journey towards being a Group Director.  Let’s see what took place in the 90’s…